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Finull - 100% Norwegian wool, 350 m (383 yds)

Finull - 100% Norwegian wool, 350 m (383 yds)

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Packs of 10 pcs / 1 kg.

The current color catalog can be found here, but note that in principle all the colors in the catalog can be ordered on any yarn base. Just be aware that the colors play out slightly differently on superwash-treated yarn and untreated/sustainable yarn.

Finull is a 2-ply carded yarn made of 100% Norwegian wool delivered by the well-known Norwegian producer Rauma Garn. Finull is one of Rauma Garn's great prides with its long history. It is a yarn that can be used for most projects and creates light, airy, and warm garments. Finull is suitable for felting. Yarn qualities in 100% wool create items that provide warmth and breathability even in damp conditions. This makes the items excellent for hiking and activities, as well as for everyday use.


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Skeins of 100 g (3.5 oz)

🐑 100% pure new Norwegian wool

✔️ Sustainable

🥢 2,5-3,5 mm (US 1.5-4)
👕 24-26 st / 10 cm (4 inches)
🧶 100 g (3.5 oz) = 350 m (383 yds)

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