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Down to Earth

Down to Earth

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Hand-dyed yarn in wonderfully soft mohair silk with color fields in earth tones.

The softness of the mohair depends first and foremost on the quality of the fibers. Superkid mohair comes from the first sort, and is the softest and thinnest fibers you get from the mohair goat. The second sort is often what is called kid mohair, is also soft, but not as soft as superkid mohair. It can be used against the skin, and gives incredibly light and airy garments. The silk gives the yarn a beautiful exclusive pearlescent sheen, and the mohair's ability to keep warm is about twice that of wool.

The yarn is thin, so it fits very well as a companion thread to many knitting designs. This yarn is very suitable for ego knitting and children's knitting.​​​​

We use acid dyes, which are gentle for the environment and provide vibrant and very durable colors.

Lace mohair silk

🐐 75% superkid mohair / 25% mulberry silk
✔️ Untreated

🥢 3-5 mm (US 2.5-8)
👕 18-24 st / 10 cm (4")
🧶 50 g (1.75 oz) = 420 m (459 yds)

Please note that the actual product color may vary from the visual representation on this website. 

Mohair is not recommended for children under 1 year of age, because the child can get the tiny fibers in the mouth / throat.

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